About Me

I’m and engineer by profession and so a simple person. I came to like tea during my university studies, when I needed a drink to keep me awake during those long nights preparing for my exams, the next day.

First I was tried good old coffee (espresso). I didn’t like it. It was always moving on the scale of
“Tasting Horrible” to “Okay, I can drink this in more then just one quick shot”.
I give a lot of chance to coffee, after all so many people liked it and I wanted to like it too. I purchased expensive espresso machines, took barista classes, worked as a barista in a coffee shop on the side, visiting the best cafés in the city and drinking espresso made by world championship finalists. But even those were like “Hmm, okay, not bad, I guess, this is good?”, but it didn’t help me with my everyday black in the mornings, they were still not good enough, and were cumbersome to make. So after 3 years of trying to find and make coffee that I truly liked I gave up and turned to Energy Drinks.

Energy drinks were efficient and tasted much better than coffee, but they were expensive and not that good for my health, especially when tryig to stay in shape as busy student. So I was drinking calory free energy drinks 2-3 times a day (1.5 liters).

That was until two chinese friends of mine came to my city, one of them from Fujian Province, and they wanted to introduce me to Chinese Tea. They took me to a chinese teahouse. I remember my first tea was a Longjing, and I WAS BLOWN AWAY, because it was actually SWEET, like if you’d put a tiny amount of sugar into your green tea. 
It checked all the boxes for me: 1. Have a sweet taste, without any calories. 2. Keep me energized for  a much longer time 3. Simple and easy to make 4. and they won’t ruin my health either.
It was perfect for me, and so that’s how I came to like tea.

Since then I discovered that tea has so many, actually different flavors and fragrances, all coming from the same leaf of that one plant, that after years of drinking it can still surprise me. 
And so I made this website to collect all the NO BULLSHIT knowledge I gathered through my Tea journey. 
And I hope it’ll be useful for you too. 🙂