The Official Requirements for Masters of Yixing Zisha Pottery


In my previous article I introduced the main Honors and official ranks an Yixing Zisha Artist can get during his/her lifetime. If you haven’t read that one yet, I highly recommend to check that out before: [HERE]

If you want to search for a certain artist and find out their rank, go: [HERE]

In this article I’d like to elaborate more on the Requirements for the ranks issued by the Wuxi Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, which are the main way to measure seniority among Artists. Without further ado let’s get into it.

Yixing Zisha Artist Ranking Requirements

  1. Arts and Craft Member — 工艺美术员
    • Junior High School education or above.
    • 7+ years of zisha pottery work experience.
    • Basic Arts and Crafts skills.
    • Able to make a fully hand made Zisha teapot at least in one style.
  2. Assistant Arts and Craft Master — 助理工艺美术师
    • High School education or above 
    • 15+ years of pottery work experience
    • Intermediate Arts and Crafts skill 
    • Able to make fully hand made Zisha teapots in any style 
    • Have more than 2 Provincial Gold Medals or at least 1 National Gold Medal  
  3. Arts and Craft Master — 工艺美术师
    • Bachelor degree or above 
    • 20+ years of pottery work experience
    • Advanced Arts and Crafts skills
    • Able to make fully hand made Zisha teapots in any style 
    • Have more than 3 national gold medals
    • Published 2 papers in the subject of pottery
    • Able to create creative, unique, new designs of teapots
  4. Senior Arts and Craft Master — 高级工艺美术师
    • Bachelor degree or above
    • 25+ years of pottery work experience
    • Knowledge of University Level Technological Pottery Art Theory 
    • Frequently takes part in National Arts and Crafts events
    • His/Her creative, unique designs should’ve won at least 2 National Gold Medals
    • Have at least 5 National Gold Medals and at least 1 International Gold Medal
    • Published several papers in the subject of Creative Designs, Material Selection, Production, Firing technologies etc.
  5. Research Level Senior Arts and Craft Master — 研究员级高级工艺美术师
    • Master degree or above
    • 30+ years of pottery work experience
    • Has Expert Level of theoretical knowledge in all aspects of Pottery and Arts
    • Able to Make Highly difficult and complex Artworks 
    • Have more than 3 International gold medals and more than 5 national gold medals


  • During my research I visit various sites and see what statements are consistent among all of them, so here I won’t list all 30+ sites I visited, but just the one, which has the most detail, and doesn’t contain inconsistencies
  • verified the list
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